The first bomb hit D.C. on a Friday. Trans women Alice and Hannah have other plans in their Brooklyn apartment. Best enjoyed in fullscreen mode.

This queer, trans erotica Twine is an 18+ story that features explicit sexual acts. Theme based on Hypercane 1.1 stylesheet as used by Porpentine in Myriad. For more information, see here.



1) I'm having issues advancing through the story because of the screen size. How do I continue?

A: Zoom out in your web browser; this should give you the ability to continue playing. To do this, hit ctrl + mouse wheel.

2) I'm getting an initialization error and the game won't start. How do I fix it?

A: Make sure "block third-party cookies and site data" or an equivalent feature is unchecked in your web browser.

3) Is this game mobile friendly?

A: Unfortunately, no. It's designed mostly for laptops and desktops in mind.

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